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How to wear cotton protection Face Mask

Since April 6th LA L.A. orders customers, workers to wear face coverings as coronavirus protection and to prevent the spread of COVID-19 to at-risk patients and primary care providers.

How to wear a mask: 1. Throw the elastic over the ears, straighten the mask so that it covers the nose and mouth. 2. The mask should be changed as soon as it becomes wet. 3. The mask should be changed every four hours. Do not do: 1. Do not touch the outside of the mask with your hands. If touched, wash your hands with soap or treat with an alcohol-containing antiseptic. 2. Do not reuse a worn mask. 3. You can not use gauze masks, they do not provide the proper level of protection. 4. after using the mask, it must be washed in hot water manually or in the washing machine in a protective bag for washing delicate items. When removing the mask, do not touch its surface.

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