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Check list for meeting with Pattern Maker LA

Updated: Feb 6, 2022

If you just started to create your dream idea to become a Fashion designer here we are to make it happened!

1. Visual concept of your fashion idea

1.1. Print out your pictures and make a notes what you like and dislike. (We may charge $2 for each printed paper) PLS save your money and our time.

1.2. Bring your prototype (garment) and prepare your ideas how do you want to upgrade it by your design.

1.3. Bring your sketches, it's not necessary to have a professional ones. the most important is the measurements of every detail like length, wide, sleeves, neck line etc. As much clean and organized information we have we provide the sample you desire.

2. Fabric

2.1. We provide for FREE plain (basic) fabrics for samples

2.2 You can bring your fabric if its unique one

3. Trims (jewelry for your garment)

3.1. We provide for FREE plain zippers or buttons (white, black colors)

3.2 You can bring your unique trims

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